Back on April 1, 1977, the U.S. Government held $600 million in loans given to consumers. On that date,  bankers held $1.27 trillion in loans and leases to consumers and businesses. Both figures have been deflated using the FRBU-deflator.

Since then, U.S. Government loans given to consumers has grown a whopping 30,540.48% to $182.76 billion, again deflated by FRBUs. Yet, bankers have increased their loans and leases to $1,869.71 trillion, or 88.09% (also deflated).

Graphically, by comparison, private sector banking activity appears flat compared to public sector bureaucratic, socialist lending activity.

Americans are in trouble when unionized government paper pushers dole out cash and credit they borrow through the bond market as capital, which they lend to consumers.

The data comes courtesy of the Federal Reserve.